Beat seasonal Hair Blues

As the warmer months approach, it’s time to shake off the winter blues and embrace the fresh energy that Spring brings.  

Your hair changes with the seasons and in  this email I have got the lowdown on how you can stay inspired to keep your locks looking fun, healthy and fresh all year round.

The Environmental Impacts of Summer (hot & dry) and Winter (cold, wet & windy) weather can be harsh on the hair that ultimately have similar effects that lead to crispy ends and dullness in the colour. The extreme outdoor temperatures and dry indoor heating systems often strip the hair of its natural oils. As the seasons change from spring to summer holidays, we often increase exposure to heat, humidity, salt & chlorine from swimming. Making hair more prone to frizz, flyaways and dryness that leads to split ends and colour fade. ultimately making it hard to tame. 

Based on recents questions I have had coming through, I have outlined some of my top tips for you below to help combat these effects + with links to the products I recommend. I receive no credit for these recommendations, I just think they are great products for your hair.  

  • I recommend using a weekly deep conditioning treatment such as the K18 leave in Repair Mask to efficiently replace lost nutrients and help restore the hair to it’s best version of itself.
  • When out in the elements, opt for protective styles such as braids or buns to keep your hair out of the wind, sun and pool water. 
  • Don’t over wash your hair- If you’re swimming a lot I recommend shampooing maximum of every second day and thoroughly rinsing & conditioning your hair at the end of each day with a hydrating conditioner.
  • Honey- derived Gisou Oil is weighty enough to help protect the hair whilst controlling frizz and flyaways both cruising the city & chilling at the beach. For ultimate results I recommend applying a couple of drops to dry hair in the morning. If your hair is really thirsty you can reapply it during the day for an extra fix.
  • Appointments; If you are unsure about weather to book your appointment before or after upcoming holidays, drop me an email and I will be happy to give you my best advice. 
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